Kavárna U Vavřiny / 17th october, 15:30 - 16:30
Screening of the film The Cameraman accompanied by Gerhard Gruber’s piano performance


Gerhard Gruber is an austrian composer and a pianist. However, we can run into him not only in the world of music, but even in the world of cinema. He’s been accompanying silent pictures with his piano since 1988.

The feeling, that I’m inside the story of a film, was undesribably interesting and thrilling and it lasts until today.“

His evenings with silent film are very lively. It’s never just a film on it’s own, but the trinity of film – music – audience, and therefore every evening becomes a new and solid experience.

Gerhard Gruber improvises with film, as he thinks of improvisation as of both direct and indirect dialogue with what’s happening on screen. Therefore, no screening can be the same, Gerhard Gruber loves to get carried away by film and that’s what he forwards to his audience. At our festival, this „pianist in the dark“ will be accompanying a Buster Keaton film The Cameraman.