Duration: 112 min




Director: Martin Grötzschel, Germany, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, 3´ animated

N Tramp is a typographic animation film about the letter n, which gets out into the wide letterworld, where it meets friends and bro's. But, it is torn from the familiar world and finds itself in a world full of strange and alien characters it does not understand. However, sometimes you find in such places what you have been really looking for.

 044 N tramp D



Director: Vladislav Kovalov, Latvia, RISEBA, 25´ fiction

A group of teenagers are going to have a picnic near the lake, but one of them accidentally films a teenage girl screaming for help. He deletes the video and he doesn’t understand what consequences caused his inaction...




Director: Eri Pedrozo and Jehisel Ramos, Columbia, University of Magdalena, 15´ animated

This story takes place in an ancient city by the sea, where Adolfo lives, a young, reliable an analytical photographer who is in love with the city and Iris, a down-to-earth and sweet girl who's like a refreshing breeze for him. They witness a relentlessly march, in the atmosphere helplessness and hopelessness can be perceived, a perfect excuse for the plans of a whiteglobbed man . This man, a leader and town authority, distribute among the citizens a pill called Control Zto erase their bad memories and give them a new life, peace and security to their heavy hearts ... If you could erase from your mind the bad memories, would you do that?

045 Control Z D


MOHLO SE TO STÁT, MĚLO SE TO STÁT / Zdarzyć się mogło, zdarzyć się musiało / IT COULD HAVE HAPPENED, IT HAD TO HAPPEN

Director: Katarzyna Warzecha, Poland, Krzysztof Kieslowski Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia, 17´ fiction

Franek is a renowned hair stylist. After many years he returns to his hometown to attend his mother's funeral. A silesian belief states that whoever pulls a deadman's finger will never fear anything in his life. Franek still believes it to be true. The film was inspired by Marcel Proust's novel "Swann's Way".

045 It Could Have Happened D



Director: Lula Gomez & Jordi Piulachs, Spain, La Academia de Animación, 4´ animated

A boy born different. He is rejected by his parents and his friends. He thing that is alone in the world.

046 Blue D



Director: Hajni Kis, Maďarsko, University of Theatre and Film Arts – Budapest, 20´ documentary

An intimate look into the life of a home for the elderly, and the story of a male nurse who tries his best to cheer up the tenants. Produced by the University of Theatre and Film Arts of Budapest, this short documentary is about dignity of life and the last days on Earth – and about those who will stay here after us.

046 second floor D



Director: Alexey Belyakov, Rusko, VGIK, 16´ fiction

The Second World War is over. But after each war the human destinies are left. This film is about two of them. The former officer of the Wehrmacht. The former prisoner of the Nazi concentration camp. They met in the torture chamber and all the power was in hands of the German. After all these years they.

Bez názvu2



Director: Attila Hartung, Hungary, University of Theatre and Film Arts – Budapest, 13´ fiction

An elderly couple receives a visitor. The poor salesman arrives at dinnertime, and he really shouldn't have eaten one of the old woman's meatballs… Inspired by a 1-sentence „short story” by classic absurd writer István Örkény and starring two legendary Hungarian actors in a rare lead role for both of them, this semi-comedy tells a twisted story of forgiveness.

047 Meatball D