Duration: 113 min




Director: Zac Schroedl, Australia, University of Canberra, 7´ fiction

When a shy teenager sees the girl he cares about likes the new boy from school he tries to get the upper hand by creating a fake internet profile to steal her interest.

035 Cybo B



Directors: Cecilia Puglesi and Yijun Liu, USA, School of Visual Arts, 5´ animated

Shift is a story about self-discovery. The interaction between characters that appear to be antagonists, a woman from a city and a wild woman from the forest, makes the civilized character confront her own life and change.

035 Shift B



Director: Yusuf Faruk Tunç, Turkey, İstanbul, 2´ fiction

Todays world,reality and virtuality mixed together.Even our happiness depends on like count of facebook.We get used likes,sharings in social media so much.So we forgot to be sharing our real world.Human emotions are disappeard.What a pity,millions of like are not feeding childrens.

036 Komsu B


JÁ ZŮSTANU / Я залишаюсь / I STAY

Director: Oleksandr Soldatov, Ukraine, National University of Theatre, Film and TV in Kiev, 11´ documentary

Not everyone has the opportunity to be in places where the world can be changed. I was that lucky. I was there. But at one point I realized that I had become part of the war. And I should get ready for it.




Director: Vagenak Balayan, Armenia, St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, 22´ fiction

Armenia. A small village. Before death the old woman Anush ordered her husband to burn her on the mountain and scatter the ashes to the wind. The old man Ernest can’t take into his head the idea of burying her.

037 BearMountain B



Director: Bety Suchanová, Czech Republic, ZČU Fakulta designu a umění Ladislava Sutnara, 3´ animated

Short story about two kids and their journey from desert island to the civilized world or maybe their journey to adulthood and loosing their individuality.

037 Island B



Director: Khachik Vasilian, Ukraine, Koles film, 14´ fiction

The girl meets with a deaf and dumb man. Introduced him to her parents, her father forbids her to see him again. 2 years later, the girl's father gradually loses hearing. She leads him to a center for deaf-mutes, where he unexpectedly meets the guy she once could not be friends with. Despite broken past, he offers a helping hand to the girl's father.

038 Deafness B



Director: Ray Sanderson & Terrie McIntosh, Kanada, Wapikoni mobile, 9´ documentary

Mr. Sanderson is an intimate documentary featuring Ray Sanderson, a single father who lost his vision due to gun violence. He provides inspiration to have courage and helps the viewers seeing things differently.

038 Mr. Sanderson



Director: Igor Kagramanov, Russia, All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography, 26´ fiction

A small town, far from the lights of big cities. Mashka and her 2 little brothers are facing survival. Their mother - dead, and their father has no use for his children. Life goes on, but fate has yet to force its greatest dire challenge upon the family…




Director: Ayan Banerjee, India, Zee Institute of Media Arts, 14´ fiction

A riddle has fascinated human civilization for ages. What is the  purpose of our existence? In the pursuit of an answer, we have reached  a mere understanding. Perhaps we are born to do what we do best. But  this gives rise to a fallacy. In the process of ‘doing our best’, the  ‘our’ takes over the ‘doing’. The doer overpowers the deed, and the  entire civilization gets trapped in the vicious cycle of ‘making a mark’. We feel our name, rather than our contributions, would give us a place in the vast eternity of time. Thus artists shadow art, scientists shadow science, commodities shadow necessity, and brands shadow quality. Above all names shadow identity. ‘Anonymous’ makes an attempt to step aside from this bandwagon of achievement, and look at the world as it is. It is more about portraying a philosophy, than establishing a storyline. More than to provide a solution,its intention is to raise questions. That the universe have existed nameless, long before we came into existence, and probably will, long after we are gone is a truth. Accepting this, ‘Anonymous’ puts forward the idea of a nameless world, a notion of living life in anonymity.

 039 a Anonymous B