Complete the entry form through our website 
and upload your movie on (MFSF Pisek) before the 30th June 2016.


The competition can be entered with feature films, documentaries and animated films with a length of 30 minutes maximum,
whose authors are students of secondary schools, colleges and universities with education in audiovisual creation.

Technical parameters for submission: 16 and 35 mm, or on the HDD carrier, DVD, ideally at 2K resolution or 1920 × 1080, or the maximum available resolution and containers, MPEG, MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV. Recommended codec is h264.

Films can also be deposited in the DCP. In case of delivery in DCP, it must be supplied also in one of the above mentioned video formats.

Only films made within the years 2015 and 2016, which have not been submitted to our festival yet, can be registered.

Submit your works online on the website . An integral part of the application is the dialogue list and annotation in English language and photos from the film.
Films have to be uploaded to the database at for pre-selection no later than 30.6.2016.



The Grand Prix, the Primary Award of the Festival - The Award of Václav Krška, a classic of Czech cinematography and local native – presented by the town of Písek, also giving a financial contribution of 50 000 CZK

The Award for the Best Fiction Film 

The Award for the Best Documentary Film 

The Award for the Best Animation Film 

Vladana Terčová Award, founder of the festival, presented by Miloň Terč

The Award of the Prague Scientific and Technological Society - award for the Best Usage of Technology, donated CZK 8,000


Complete terms and conditions you can find in the ISFF statut