A Look at social drama in Central Europe

The last day of the festival welcomed the audience by projecting student films mainly from Central Europe. Above all in the morning section it was worth watching the film Six Days (Šest dní) from the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek in co-production with Czech Television, and also Grass Widow (Zelená vdova) from FAMU in Prague.

All the films from this block were connected by its themes - social drama. Whether they were about the most important days in a life of a girl, apparently organized life of a politician or an adjustment to loss of respect of high school students.

The documentary film Rada nad zlato, about mischevious ways of the company OVB was supposed to be projected in the morning section. OVB’s lawyers contacted the festival’s headquarters and did not agree with the film being projected though. All that is left is to believe that the film will soon be released, so we can find out why is it that the company does not want it to be seen by the public.

In the afternoon the audience could watch the non-competitive section, which offered them documentary films, films based on real events and and also complete fiction. It is worth mentioning the documentary piece Igor’s Big Emotion (Igorovo velké dojetí) about the film director and spiritualist Igor Chaun.

Have you chosen your favorite film? The jury has already decided, and their verdict shall be known today at 7PM during the ending ceremonial in Portyč cinema.

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