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Breathtaking! That is what Petra Hapková and her pianist Patrik Ulrich’s concert, which took place in a beautiful retro café Vykulená Sova, was like. The recital was called Life at a Bar.

Petra Hapková sang not only well-known songs composed by her father Petr Hapka, but also the songs of Patrik Ulrich, who besides of music is also devotes himself to filmmaking, this year being his second on the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek.

Some lyrics touched the audience, others made them laugh and the overall atmosphere was quite charming. No wonder the audience clapped so loud they recieved more than one encore.

Petra Hapková and Patrik Ulrich’s concerts give you the chills. If you missed their Life at the Bar recital during the International Student Film Festival in Písek, be sure to go watch them some other time.

On Sunday, Competition Block E, non-competitive projections and other supporting programs are waiting for the audience.

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