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It’s Friday evening and drizzle in Pisek, calm just covered the city. Only in Portyc cinema there is a crowd of people. Yes, today is the festival grand opening! Film school students prepared the whole celebration; they organize everything – from props to service in the hall. Entrance to cinema and foyer painted gold reassembling the golden age of filmmaking. There is a long line of visitors before cloakroom, so together with “Welcoming” drink it might take few minutes. At the entrance in hall Vladana and Milon Terch greet new visitors. The hall will shortly feel lack of free places as everyone wants to see how Director Richard Blumenfeld arranged opening ceremony. Gentle students gave up their seats to honorable guests and took places on the steps. Indeed, we have well-mannered students here in Pisek.

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Now to the opening itself, the whole evening was planned according to festival theme. Therefore, we observed murder investigation, at the time of young girl 15th birthday celebration. Moreover, it was connected by motive of TV news. The main investigator – detective Vrazda (Murder) himself! One of the “journalists” have point out this omen nomen. Her picturesque, even decadent manner was striking viewers with smiles and laugh.

After a while time for laughter ended when Mrs. Terchova, the Mayor and FAMO student Anton Evdoshenko started in memoriam of Miroslav Ondrichek. This magic moment was supported by string Quartet and underlined its importance for Film Academy.

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It was followed by acknowledgment of sponsors that helped bought this festival to life. Just moments before festival started there were nominations of film awards among High Schools. Young girl filmmaker, surprised by sudden attention of the whole hall was smiling and grateful to everyone in the audience. When everyone was expecting opening to begin, detective Vrazda (Murder) entered the scene trying to get a word, but his assistant, played by evening Director Richard Blumenfeld himself, interrupted him. After short scene and video, evening Moderator was finally able to proclaim long-awaited after-party! Everyone could discuss his or her impressions by the glass of wine or beer. We however went to talk with Andrzej Wolf

Good evening, may I ask you if it’s your first time here?

- No,no,no. I can honestly consider myself a citizen of Pisek. I love this city, this school and this country. Our school in Warsaw is working together with FAMO for a long time now. I also had an honor to know Mr. Ondrichek, great icon of Czech and International cinematography.

What is the difference between film schools in Warsaw and Pisek?

- I do not know about your equipment but our school is younger. Just recently, we were celebrating 10. Anniversary. Otherwise, I think that students are the same. Last year we had a great success when one of our film, films from one of our students was nominated to Oscar.

Is it so?

- Yes

Was it a fiction or documentary film?

- It was a documentary with very strong story. We were really close to getting the Award. 

What do you think is a main difference between Czech and Polish cinematography? I personally think Czech films are in recession lately.

- You know, last year I saw only one Czech film and I do not have a right to evaluate this matter. About student film, I saw one from Pisek and one from Prague, both weren’t much good.

I was asking it because it feels like modern Polish films are better.

- You know, it is more like a curve. In the 90s, our films were a disaster. Actually, until 2003-4 we had nothing to be proud of. After 2005, it started to grow. Czech film also had times of their glory.

New wave?

- Yes, times of Mr. Ondrichek and others. Therefore, it is more like a question of time. I saw a film IDA. Excellent Polish film, furthermore in 4:3 format and black & white. Very visual and artistic. - Yes, that is a great film. It even won an Oscar. It’s a Polish film, but its director was studying and live in UK. So it’s complicated.

So, now a technical question. Analogue or Digital?

- I am for Digital. It is brilliant how times are changing. Every year new cameras and equipment. I do my films in 3D and with earliest technologies, it was nearly impossible.

Thank you very much, enjoy the festival!

- You to, have a good time!