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The International Student Film Festival in Písek has started. In the morning the audience could watch the competition blocks A and B in the Portyč cinema. In the Sladovna gallery was a also program for kids - fairy tales and cartoons in the production of Czech television.

In café U Vavřiny a discussion called Where is the Film Grail? took place in the afternoon, which was moderated by director Ivan Biel and producer Jana Tomsová.

Is it still worth it to make films for the big screen, while people keep not visiting movie theatres anymore and watching their films on TV, on the computer or on their smartphones? Are there going to be any money for big films? And whare has the film grail gone?

These questions were discussed by the two creators, not only with the students of the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek, but also with other visitors of the event. The question “What film actually is?” was answered by the audience in these ways:

- It’s emotion
- It’s an intriguing story
- It’s high-quality sound
- It’s an experience
- It’s creation
- It’s clear image
- It’s “something” that connects people all around the world

It would be a shame iffilms disappeared from cinemas and big screens.Hopefully the young generation will not succumb to flat videoclip films and videogames. Hopefully the film grail is still alive!

And now the visitors of this discussion can look forward to the screening of films from the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček.

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