náhled Gruber5

The silent film classic - The Cameraman, that was lit by a star of American grotesque  - Frigo. Frigo and his stone-like face, which he meets all life bought troubles with, performed by Buster Keaton. This Thursday film projection was even more special thanks to accompaniment of Austrian pianist – Gerhard Gruber. Gerhard Gruber is an Austrian composer and pianist. He makes film accompaniments since 1988. His performance is like a dialogue between music, screen and the audience. As Mr. Gruber said himself – He is in a direct and indirect connection with audience and improvisation and that is why each his performance is so alive and unique in its own way. That’s exactly what audience have found out this Thursday in café “Vykulená Sova“. Visitors crowded whole place, all chairs and free spaces. It was an additional great accompaniment for this evening atmosphere. The excellent mind of classic creators of the grotesque entertained public and showed that humor, no matter how old, will never outdate. Gerhard Gruber charmed audience with his music and aroused peoples inspirations and interests in that kind of culture. That is why applause at end were there for Buster Keaton, Mr. Gruber but also for everyone in the audience.

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