After the screening in the Portyč Cinema, most of the visitors moved to Pi local club, which is located in the center of Pisek. Honza Ponocný introduced his ONE MAN SHOW at this place, acting under the pseudonym Circus submarine and get everyone involved moving. At midnight came the expected number of Ventolin DJ with his performance in the style of Kraftwerk, Daft Punk and decadence. His show did not let anyone quiet and the whole club has almost shaken to its foundation, so most visitors danced until the early morning hours.


How do you like it here?

It’s always nice, when people on that place are together and in a very good mood. Because, this entire event is very fine. Then, it’s half way done. Definitely, this person have to play very well, because people are already there. But it doesn’t mean that this concert will be great (laughing). I know a lot of people from the school in Pisek, for example, my friend Honza Chramosta made a video for me. Last year i played here in Pisek and i love it. It is very nice place.

How hard is it to train this ONE MAN SHOW, when you are on the stage the only one?

It’s hard, you have to divide your brain in four parts and then, chose the right time to press the right button. Technically it is like this, that lot of people ask me, how can i manage this and i just answer: It is very simple, there is button, and when i am pressing this and it starts to play. Then i am pressing once again - it is spinning around and i am just adding some different stuff. After that it depends on what i add then. So it is only technical instrument, which you can hold the audience attention for ten minutes with, but even with this you have to play those songs. Basically, it is like better camera or computer. So, anyway there must be the song.

What genre do you think you are? What I‘ve heard that there is some Folk, reggae and Rocknroll…

There are everything what i like. I'm combining 3 things. When i was young, i was listening to a lot of music from 60’s because of my parents. So bands like Beatles, Stones, etc. have got stuck in my head and i used it like basic. After, when i started to play, i was like a punk. It’s like raw attitude. And the third thing it is this technology. It is good to take from each time period something, and then make happen that we are in 2014. So, it is folk but served in different style. It is rather big beat. If i had to answer, i would tell that i’m playing songs.

Now will be about different topic. I saw on your web page that you were cooperated with filmmakers. Do you have some plan for further cooperation?

I just finished the project with Alice Nellis. It was documentary film for HBO called Adopce. I cooperated with Alice on „ Andělé všedního done “, now we have in plan a project about firemen, where along the music i have a role. After the film Revival, where i performed blind drummer, now i’ll play fireman in wheelchair

How do you cooperate with the filmmakers?

Very well, because with all those with whom I have worked with are long known. So they know what to expect from me and took me because they liked what I was doing. I worked with David Jařab, we were doing a play and then a movie. I know Alice since childhood because we are both from Poděbrady. I hope it is not because of that. (laughs) She bought the album and she loved it, so since Mamas & Papas we have been doing together, Alice is great because she is a musician, so he knows what she wants. This is the best co-operation, when a man knows what he wants and then just hit it in style.

Is there something what you would like to say to students from Film Academy?

Those people whom i know from the school are very fanatik on what they are doing. I wish them to hold it out. Let they have it’s like a hobby and make some money. Point is that they always making good things, i like it.

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