milas nahled

This South African script writer and director with German roots has managed to get into our awareness mostly thanks to his film KanyeKanye. He filmed it at AFDA, a film school in Johannesburg, and earned a huge success in the whole world. He was chosen for the main competition 60 times and won the main prize 25 times – also at this very festival, by the way.

But that isn’t the only success of this author – for instance, he won 10 awards with his film E-lectricity. Miklas isn’t slacking off and is already working on two new pictures.

“The one is about a little girl who goes to live up a tree that is at risk of being cut down. The film follows how she eats and works and even has relationships up the tree.” Manneke is interested and inspired by movements led by small people against big powers and hopes to explore this in his next two projects.



claudi nahled

Claudi Niubó was born in Barcelona and graduated from FAMU studying documentary film. After graduation, he worked as an asistant director alongside J. Jireš and F. Vláčil, but he also visited France where he collaborated with J. L. Richard. In between the years 1973 and 1977 he represented the union of spanish producers for eastern countries residing in Prague. From 1978 to 1992 he worked at the same post for the central headquarters of spanish cinematography. In 1993 he started to work in Madrid at the Ministry of Culture in the Institute of Cinematography. He ended the collaboration in 2008. In between 2002 and 2005 he represented spanish cinematography in Eurimages.
He’s been collaborating with MFF Karlovy Vary since 2009 as a foreign consultant.


HEMANT SHARDA (United Kingdom)

hemant small

Hemant Sharda (United Kingdom)

Hemant Sharda is from the National Film and Television School, recently voted the No.1 International Film School, by the Hollywood Reporter. The NFTS is the leading centre for postgraduate and professional training in film and television, offering full-time MA and diploma courses in all the key film and television disciplines. He has been at the NFTS for 12 years and amongst holding other roles there, he is Head of Distribution, managing a department that is responsible for the distribution of NFTS films, both on the worldwide film festival circuit and also commercially.



aw 350


A director of photography, film director and pedagogue of the Warsaw film school. He sucessfully completed his studies in 1978 at Lodz film school and since then he’s been a part of tens of various projects - ranging from TV shows feature films to documentary pictures. For instance he took part in the creation of Syberiada polska as a director of photography and he combined his proffession with film directing in a documentary called Historia Ireny Sendlerowej, that he will present to you at this very festival. His contribution to polish cinematography was recognized officially when he received the award for lifetime work in 2006.



s 240

Moris Issa, a film director and a screenwriter born in 1945 in Aleppo in Syria. In the years between 1963 and 68 he studied film directing in Prague FAMU and before he finished his studies he started collaborating with Czechoslovakian and later Czech TV and private TV companies. For Barrandov film studio he created a feature film Bison (1989) and countless other feature and documentary films for television. He wrote many screenplays. In the recent years he has been teaching at film schools.