If we want to investigate the festival’s history, we need to travel back into the past.

Into the year 1996, to be exact. That’s when Private student film academy of Pisek was born. The creators behind it were Mr and Mrs Terč.

And the International student film festival in Pisek was created a year later from their initiative.

Through the years, the festival has gained popularity and now represents an important component in worldwide student cinematography. And because the students of the Pisek academy participate in it’s yearly preparation from the very beginning, it fills them with many valuable practical experiences.

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Let it be known to all film lovers, that the 15th International student film festival od Písek will take place on the 15th – 18th of October 2015!
We became only awakened by student films last year, let’s fill our breakfast with them this year. Considering that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we’re expecting some very nutritious festival moments. After all, we could just eat film up in Pisek!

The name of the festival reaches far beyond the borders of Czech republic and it’s yearly existence has become a tradition to the South Bohemian cultural entertainment.
Festival fills a simple mission: the propagation of both local and foreign student work. The festival won’t only serve Czech cuisine, but also exotic tastes from all over the world. Young filmmakers therefore have a chance to compare their talents and see their international competition. The students of the Pisek schools also help to prepare the whole festival, so they gain experiences that might help them in their future professional careers.

The film festival isn’t just about films, though. You have an unique chance to meet film professionals among the wide offering of workshops and discussions. To attend festive galas, where you may meet future film stars. Or spice up your nightlife with top notch music bands. It all depends solely on your taste.
We have managed to gain both topicaly and nationally diverse collection of student films under 30 minutes. The comission composed from both students and their teachers has chosen the most interesting ones not only for the competition, but also for the informative mini segments.

15th International student film festival in Pisek is accompanied by a captivating programme, that you don’t have to be afraid to bite into with joy! Bon apettit.

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